Monday, September 14, 2015

When You Lose Yourself

I haven’t thought this, in the wildest of my dreams
that sorrow can make you hollow
That pain of losing someone whom you cared the most
will not be with you in this brutally partial scenario

My whole life I used to think 
that everything is balanced in this universe
that Karma is god 
But by the pain which I am suffering right now I realized that this universe is somewhat partial
Fuck physics which teaches us the balance of countless forces
Fuck Maths which teaches us the calculation required to balance these forces
When I look at this whole scenario
at the end I realize my calculation was all wrong
The force of love which I trusted the most
will be having a false impact on my life.

I wonder that life will be more beautiful
If my calculation was right
If what I thought of karma was right

But My friend I am wrong
I think I have to look at life with a different perspective.

I hope that sometime I will be right
I hope that sometime the force of love will be proven to be positive
But in the society of illiberal people
I am afraid that I will not be proven right
I am afraid that I will be shattered to the core
I am afraid that I will be no more funny as I am now
I am afraid that I will become a whole different person

Today I will raise my arms and will pray to the Karma
Please don’t prove me wrong 
Lets tell this world how important you are in someone’s life

Lets set an example of being extraordinary and different.