Thursday, April 7, 2011

Days I Will Never Forget

I remember the day we met
I remember the things you said
I remember that sweet nothings we do
I remember when I hugged you
I remember that bench where we used to sit beside each other
and we used to laugh together
Days were really awesome then
I remember that ride on bicycle which we used to do
and that sweet evening was incomplete without you
Even sun was saying "I am going down"
but we continue to go around.
I remember your no. which I used to dial every day and night
and we used to do a lil fight.
I will never forget those lovely things
until my heart stops to sing.

I remember that noon of June
when you said me those words which hunted me the most
and my heart was lost in the jungles of hell like a ghost.

Now I wonder
where are those lovely things
where are those promises
where is that hug
where are those hands which I used to Kiss.

Now my heart says
"It's Time to MOVE ON
put an end to these days of sorrow and go on
I am fed up of all those promises
and It's time to leave all that SHIT"

Now I think that someday I'll find my Girl
and I wished she would have that hair curl
and I think that my heart will sing again
and  two hearts will cling again... :)