Monday, September 14, 2015

When You Lose Yourself

I haven’t thought this, in the wildest of my dreams
that sorrow can make you hollow
That pain of losing someone whom you cared the most
will not be with you in this brutally partial scenario

My whole life I used to think 
that everything is balanced in this universe
that Karma is god 
But by the pain which I am suffering right now I realized that this universe is somewhat partial
Fuck physics which teaches us the balance of countless forces
Fuck Maths which teaches us the calculation required to balance these forces
When I look at this whole scenario
at the end I realize my calculation was all wrong
The force of love which I trusted the most
will be having a false impact on my life.

I wonder that life will be more beautiful
If my calculation was right
If what I thought of karma was right

But My friend I am wrong
I think I have to look at life with a different perspective.

I hope that sometime I will be right
I hope that sometime the force of love will be proven to be positive
But in the society of illiberal people
I am afraid that I will not be proven right
I am afraid that I will be shattered to the core
I am afraid that I will be no more funny as I am now
I am afraid that I will become a whole different person

Today I will raise my arms and will pray to the Karma
Please don’t prove me wrong 
Lets tell this world how important you are in someone’s life

Lets set an example of being extraordinary and different.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

When My Love Speaks

I cried whole night
Hoping to find you in my arms
Remembered all the moments
and got surrounded by your warmth.

That eyes, lips and your hair
Oh my belle you are such a beautiful piece
No matter how far you are
Can't forget you because your love is such a bliss.

My feelings are sprouting out of me today
May be because I miss you so much 
Or may be our bond is getting stronger and stronger.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Today I woke up
there were tears all over my face
may be I had a bad dream
or somebody crushed my feelings away.

Today I kept on figuring out 
what happened to me 
These tears are because of bad dream
or these are the consequences of not being together.

I think I have to ask myself 
that what I have to do about this
These thoughts of me kept on deteriorating me day by day
I have to stop thinking these alas things.

May be I will think of starting a new life
or I can go Back
I dont have that much courage to start a new life 
because I dont want to go again and again on the same wheel
I have to go back and fix things up.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Nothing I Know about that
From all the moments of pain and gain ...I grew up
In that shed of my mother's glove
Lusting for a drop of Love since then
But What about you Girl
Is your Life is on the same Curl..??

The moment I saw you with that blue thing
Lost in your brown eyes'
My thoughts drove all the way to that Heart
But I didn't knew it was that far.
Hey Girl do you have feelings for my thoughts
Or do you know nothing about that...??

Those Drops of sorrow which you gave me
They are embedded in my eyes even today
I don't know why they are not drifting away
I want you to just hold my hand and let them go away
So Baby will you hold my hand or you don't give a shit about that... ??

Words Say Everything

Those Dusty Winds Somehow Came In My Way
Lusty Lingering Thoughts Of Doom
Came In front of my feelings
Those chariots of doom are now riding behind me
Or I'll say that they will soon gonna catch me.

My feelings got crashed inside myself
Looking for a light of hope
These crashed feelings leaving my mind to sway
Really Those dusty winds came in my way.

Looks Like I have to shake hands with this scenario
With that graving heart of me
And now I thought that my words will surrender
Hope these words Someone will remember...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Be With Friends

Shedding Tears by remembering those dangling fears
Never shear because someone is always there to care
Don't lost in those sorrows
Because there is always some beatitude that you can borrow

Looking into the mirror eye to eye
pondering over the change in me
Now I have beco0me strong
And my arguments will never go wrong
Now I love to be with friends
and being with them life has no ends
When I surrounded by my friends
because I know the value of each of them.
and without friends, In life nothing will remain
This is my belief and being with them there will be no grief
So cherish our friends because they will always be there till the END... :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Situation Of Ma Heart

It is not my desire to let my heart lit with fire
My heart is tantalized with pain and sorrow 
And it needs some beatitude to borrow
My heart wants some felicity and I know it's someone's duty
My heart needs to borrow happiness from someone's heart
Because a long ago my heart was butchered by a dart.

It is not my desire to let my heart lit with fire
My heart in solitude is burning in the fire of woe
And being precious my heart wants to reside in someone's glove
Because those gloves will be the essence of care
and then there will be no tear to share.

It is not my desire to let my heart lit with fire
My heart feels timid when it is lonesome
So protect my heart with your divine gloves
and let my sorrows to shove... :)